Aspire Sports Drink

Welcome to ASPIRE Sports Drinks: A company that believes in the healthy hydration for all athletes.


Nike - 2016 Title Sponsor

Nike is a flagship sponsor for the All-Star Game. Their involvement with Grassroots Basketball in the Chicagoland Area has made a signficant difference with the youth.


Trice Construction Company - 2014 Title Sponsor

Trice Construction (Trice) is a leading commercial concrete construction firm that services utility companies, general contractors, infrastructure contractors and public sector organizations.


Neal & Leroy, LLC - 2014 Title Sponsor

Neal & Leroy, LLC has provided superior quality and cost-effective legal services for over 75 years.



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Wyideopen Sports Media

WYIDE:  Willing Youth Intentional Direction and Education, Highlighting Scholastic athletes, mentors, coaches, parents, teachers, professors and community leaders through Wyideopen Spor


World Sports Chicago


the Webweavers

Webweavers is a team of creative Kung-Fu-Pandas.



Every time that life makes sense,
it throws another curveball to confuse you.


YMC - Young Minds Can


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