William 'Wolf' Nelson - 2014 West Side Coach

2015 Westside Head Coach - William "Wolf" Nelson

William 'Wolf' Nelson has amassed over 400 wins in his career as a coach. Coach Nelson has been coaching the Farragut Admirals since 1983 and has enjoyed many successes over the years. 


Coach Henry Cotton - 2014 West Side Assistant Coach

Henry Cotton is a dedicated and strong advocate for students in the City of Chicago. Henry Cotton was born and raised in Chicago, IL.


2015 Westside Squad - Ernest Johnson

Ernest Johnson, 6-1, G, Farragut

Averaged 13 points and 4 assists per game for the Admirals


2015 Westside Squad - Joshua Adams

Joshua Adams 6-0 G, Farragut

4th Team All Public League Averaging 15 points and 6 assists per game.


2015 Westside Squad - Kalin Fisher

Kalin Fisher, 6-3, G, Proviso East

Hampton commit averages 17 point and 6 assists on a great season for the Pirates.


2015 Westside Squad - Glynn Watson

Nebraska recruit. Has been one of the best point guards in the state for the past three seasons. Averaging 17 points, six assists, three steals.


2015 Westside Squad - Jordan Ash

Jordan Ash, 6-0, G, St. Joseph


2015 Westside Squad - Roland Griffin

Roland Griffin, 6-6 F, West Aurora


2015 Westside Squad - Kenneth Perkins

Kenneth Perkins, 6-9, C, North Lawndale


2015 Westside Squad - Joseph Toye

Vanderbilt commit Joseph Toye averaged 18.2 points and 4.6 rebounds and was named 1st Team All City.


2015 Westside Squad - Jeremy Roscoe

Jeremy Roscoe, 6-3, G, Uplift


2015 Westside Squad - Spencer Foley

Spencer Foley 6-6, G, Uplift