More than just a game for Chicago - it is a way of life


More than just a game for Chicago - it is a way of life

Vincente Fernandez described the feeling of the game in University of Chicago’s Chicago Maroon in 2012:

“Once the game tipped-off, play swayed with the rhythm of the city.  Every dime and handle flowed like lyrics….it became evident to me that Chicago pumps out a certain type of basketballer, a player that encompasses the city’s values, its toughness, and its flair.  Watching the likes of Rashaun Stimage, Steve Taylor, and Michael Orris I couldn’t help but notice how the game looked pretty, even despite the fact that these players only had a week to practice together.  Ball movement was their motto, ingrained in them like the unity in the stands and the city….It proved that basketball, one of the city’s most momentous trophies, is more than just a game for its people – it’s a way of life.”

The excitement and support from the local community is gratifying and the subsequent growth in our efforts has been amazing. The entire event is live streamed and related activities throughout the year contribute to the mission.

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